Lielpilsetas “Staburadzes” Kekss ar rozinem

NB! We advise all raisin haters to skip this article!


It looks like a baby muffin, so cute! (nohomo). We loved how the raisins just kept screaming “Eat me, eat me!” You know what else was cool? The muffin was already pre-cut in 4 pieces – just right for us! Only comment – the last piece was comparatively smaller, so, if you are sharing it with someone – offer that piece to the weight-watcher in your company or something.20170317_083725

TASTE 4 / 5

It looks like this muffin wants to be a contender for the famous Biezpienmaize and it is real good, however, we do not believe anything can beat Biezpienmaize. We appreciated the nice ratio of raisins as well as the fact that it Was Not Dry. We have tried several muffins by now, but this one is definitely among the leaders!

SMELL 4 / 5

What is it with “Staburadze”? How do they manage to make such nice products? There must be a secret ingredient or something, because it smells absolutely delicious and fresh! We expected that the packaging would have some sort of influence on the aroma, but… “Staburadze” – you did good again!

MONEY 3.25 / 5

It is not enough. If you take “Biezpienmaize” you will get more in you stomach but with this muffin – no. Maybe because it is a dry type of food. So this means it should cost less than the other stuff in foodbox. If the price were a little bit lower, then five stars from us definitely.

SUMMARY 3.75 / 5

We are glad we have this in the foodbox. Raisins – yumm, who doesn’t love raisins!? It felt a little bit overcooked, but that might be only with the side slices, in the middle it`s close to perfectness. Staburadze is the leader in this, that`s for sure. We recommend this. Take a bite and fast!


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