Mantinga Chicken burger

NB! This is a sponsored review, thank you for your support, our bellies appreciate it!



The package looks really neat, let’s admit it. When you see it in the machine – it feels like something you need to have! Unpacked – same story, the bun looks decent, nice overall feel in hands and the size is good – not too big, not too small. We then decided to take off the top bun, well, we should not have done that. It revealed the blistering truth – you got bread, you got cheese and a lanky piece of chicken. And you see what you are missing – salad, tomatoes, something more! Someone has tried to add something that might resemble a pickle, but it rather looks like pieces of pickle from the traditional Latvian “rasols” – oh well. Not too shabby, overall.

TASTE 4 / 5

The taste is actually quite nice. It was actually better than we expected, if it had salad and a bit more of pickles it could be even better. We had almost lost hope for Mantinga , but… it made a comeback with this, well played! Another thing – there could have been a bit more burger sauce as it felt slightly dry, but only a bit. That being said – we were left wanting more of it, so do not use this as a replacement for lunch or take two pcs.  

SMELL 3 / 5

The package states that you need to microwave the thing in 800W for 60 seconds. You do understand what happens to food in a microwave? It loses its… foodiness. The smell is gone, the burger suddenly smells like slippers. It was better without the waves. We also tried some other burgers and warm them for less. So here is a piece of consumer advice: use a new, preferably black, microwave for 50 seconds – lot better.

MONEY 2.75 / 5 (1,30 EUR)

Almost as always – the price is quite OK. You might get slightly better burgers in the town for the same price, but then again – you would have to travel. So taking those costs into account – we would say it is fair. Of course in those other burgers you also get salad, extra sauce, possibly tomato, so, you will have to trade in some things for that money. All in all, there are a couple of things in the Magic Box that are better as regards money to value ratio.

SUMMARY 3.5 / 5

We are surprised! It still has to go up regards perfect taste but the chicken meat piece is quite big and that is the most important thing. You might need to use some fresh juice to get the bread down, but chew it a little bit more and it is gone. There is coke in the food box to help you solve this problem, but that is for another topic. Burger does not get maximum points but we will definitely take it again and again till the machine runs out of them. “Waaaa give me more!” What is this stuff they put it in there? Some kind of “I Want You to take me” drug. Only three words left – It is good.


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