It is Čeburekas. What did you expect? When you look at it – it could be anything: an omelette, a folded pizza, a large half-a-cookie, pancake… but it’s not. It’s just a čeburekas, get over it. And compared to the packaging – no greens included and the čeburekas itself does not look That nice.


TASTE 2 / 5

So little meat in it that if you slice it in 4 parts then two of the guys get none of it. True story. They only get the smell of it. So two of the guys went vegetarian. Anyhow, after the question, “what’s the hard part in the meat” we started discussing nails and/or cartilage. We all hope to be at work tomorrow and healthy, to put it in short. One of us kind of liked it – well maybe the taste reminds you of home a bit, or at least the Central Station. While we are at it – this Čeburekas was no competition for the ones found there.

SMELL 2 / 5

The meat smells like dumplings – the cheap ones. And now our fingers smell like dumplings, even after shower.

MONEY 2 / 5 1,- EUR

At the central station you can get two with more meat (of unknown origin) for the same price. So if you do not care about the origins and quality, it is double priced in the Magic foodbox. Still, it is impossible to be sure about the contents of this particular ČEBUREKAS, because of the taste. The package tells you a beautiful story about a combination of pork and seasoning, but can we trust “Mantinga”? The question is open.

SUMMARY 2.25  / 5

Any fast food garbage tastes good, and in any closed, fast-food-type “bread thing” you might take a bite in a place where there is no sign of meat or jam or whatever. It is like opening a kinder surprise, in a way. We are not poisoned – so that is good. Does it fill up your stomach? Not at all. But it got us excited when we saw it there in our foodbox and …. That`s it! If you want real and good ČEBUREKAS, go somewhere else. Or if you want to spend a Euro in a better way – go donate it.


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