Staburadze “Braunijs”


Not a very pretty brownie, because without the packaging you could not tell that it is a brownie. Perhaps because all previous brownies in our lives have been better looking. Sorry Staburadze, not sorry – do better. As soon as it was unpacked – the tiny bits and pieces went everywhere! We found some in the CD-rom later in the day! If you support clean-desk policy, then this thing should be eaten only in the kitchen with a towel next to you.



Sadness was in the air when tasting this beautiful product. Realising that the tiny bit of chocolatey goodness will surely not be enough and make you feel wanting more was disheartening. We tried to look into what it was made of to find out what is that darn thing that gives you this sense of craving sweets, but you know what – it was not chocolate. Brownies should be all about chocolate, it should be like eating heaven, or at least chocobread. There is only 23% of it in that piece. All in all there are 15 grams of sugar in this thing, so once again – the taste is fine, but at what cost?



Smells good. Even after a couple of hours outside the packaging it still smelled pretty good and decent. A nice mix of nuts and chocolate and a tinge of emulgatori. You cannot feel a thing before it is unpacked, of course, so the aroma comes as a nice surprise, actually!


MONEY 3/5 0.80Eur

Quite a good price, if you want to support Latvian producers. But in general and compared to other things in the box, and it’s size – a bit overpriced.


SUMMARY 3.25 / 5

It is small, guys. Come on! If you eat one piece you will want more for sure and this is not what we want for this price. No, no, no … the least thing “Staburadze” could do is put some we*d in it so that there is more fun to it. At least the nuts were big (that’s what she said) and nuts are always great for your health!


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