Mantinga “Muffins”


Bigger does always mean better. In this case it was quite large and quite black. And once you go black… No wait. Actually, it looked a bit burnt at first, but then we realised that is simply the colour of the dark chocolate. The packaging manages to hide some things, but not all. It is a clumsy and messy thing, all in all.


TASTE 2 / 5

It has a specific added taste which resembles some medicine, maybe cough syrup or similar. Still, if you are thinking about chocolate muffins hard enough while eating – it may taste like one! We do not have that much to say about the taste of this particular muffin – and that in itself says quite a lot. It is edible, definitely, but why would you?

SMELL 2 / 5

Smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you? No need for more comments – that is for sure. No bueno. Avoid.

MONEY 2 / 5 0.90Eur

At first you might think that it is a good bargain, but after eating it you will understand why you should never spend money on things you know nothing about. If received as a gift – smile and say thank you. Then without any fuss give it as a gift to your colleague – win-win! Compared to other greatness available in the Box for 0.90 cents – this is just plain wrong.

SUMMARY 2.25 / 5

Brown stuff never looks and/or tastes good! This is no exception. You might get some good energy out of this muffin because of the chocolate pieces and cocoa but that is the only thing you will receive. If you are a chocolate lover and need something or Anything that reminds you of it – it is yours.


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