Gingerbreads (Prjaņiki)


The package itself is black so you are not able to see what you will get when you buy the product. We can tell you that you will be surprised when you open it. Wow! 14 pieces of gingerbread! You can feed your whole family with this! Thanks SIA “ADUGS Production”!

The ratio between bread and jam is like: bread – 90% and
jam – 10%.  The picture on the packaging says a bit otherwise…

Some of the pieces looked a bit burnt from the bottom, but in general they look like tiny little mount Gaizins in a snowy february day – quite fine.


If you know how gingerbread tastes, then this one will definitely taste like that. Sugar powder around it is enough, but we cannot say the same about the jam. It is like – you feel it but you would like to have more of it. The bread is dry, so do not be surprised about wanting to drink something afterwards. There are better products in the market. We did not enjoy the aftertaste of the gingerbread, but that is exactly what you get from sugar. Additionally, we did not manage to taste the gingerbread with tea or coffee (assuming that would improve the overall feeling), because there is no tea or coffee in the Magic Food Box available to us.


The first time we opened the package we felt the kind smell of cranberries. Mmm…  Together with that gingerbread aroma the first thing that pops in mind is – grandma’s cookies. Good enough for us regards this section!

MONEY 4/5 paypaldonatenow (make sure to donate for more reviews)

Price: 1,- EUR. The price could be lower, but considering that you get 14 pieces of this gingerbread, we think it is quite ok. Also taking into account that you could share this wonder with your colleagues or family and share the cost it is actually not that bad – just a bit more than 7 cents per piece!


Overall, we think it is not only a pretty nice deal but it is actually something we very much expected and wanted in the first place. Good stuff for nice price, enjoy! We strongly suggest you try these with  a nice cup of mulled wine or green tea at least.


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