Biezpienmaize “Staburadze”


In the beginning we only saw the package, but when we opened it – there was a pleasant surprise waiting for us. Hidden in plain sight – a marvel for our eyes, a feast for our stomachs, love in our hearts. When you take a closer look at the packaging – the dessert is valid only for 3 days (if you keep it in appropriate temperature and packaged, of course) – so you know it IS fresh.


In addition, the ratio between the biscuit and the cottage-cheese-based mass is astonishingly perfect. The amount of raisins is excellent – looks very good, and the topping – immaculate!


This dessert is elite. We must say – it was finger licking good. Have you heard some “mmm..” in the office recently? Well… hehe, sorry, it was us! If you are not a raisin person then we are sorry for you (sadface). Also – this dessert is not for the lactose intolerant, nor is it vegan food. Sorry again. We don’t think it could be any better. Well… only if you got two of them maybe.


Life stopped for a second as we enjoyed the wonderful smell of the blissful goodness that was this dessert. It was impossible not to start thinking about things like mom’s cooking, christmas, a new Bugatti Veyron, bonus payout, you get it… In short, the aroma is as it should be – nice and inviting, clean and precious.

MONEY 4/5 paypaldonatenow (make sure to donate for more reviews)

Price: 0.90 EUR. It could always be slightly cheaper, No Doubt (Don’t speak). Also – the dessert leaves you wanting more, but the price – not really. Has something to do with SIA “Allan vendor” policy, surely. All in all, if you got a Euro coin and absolutely have to spend it – spend it on this.

SUMMARY 4.75/5

This dessert is good if you have left yours at home and you really want something high quality and sweet. Smells good, tastes good (maybe even excellent), looks good and you really want it when you see it! Maybe your brain will have cramps after you see the price, but come on, it is worth it!

We all must agree, that if you take one piece, you will definitely take one more.



6 thoughts on “Biezpienmaize “Staburadze”

  1. 3 day expiration date does not necessarily mean that the product is fresh. It could also mean that it’s so non-fresh that putting it in a vending machine is a last resort effort for it to be consumed. Unless there is a production date provided, one should be skeptical about such expiration periods. Something to think about.

    P.S. Yes, I’m not a raisin person. Hell, I’m not even liftin’ for that matter…


    1. Thank you for you comment, friend! We agree that there might be lots of discussable factors behind the expiration date. But there is one thing we cannot deny – it tasted fresh and fantastic!


      1. How dare you speak to me like that? I will eat whatever I like!

        I have tried other things from the wondrous machine you call the ”Magic Food Box”. It is, indeed magical. However, I would very much like to share my humble experiences with other ravenous folk who crave the marvellous wonders that the Magical Food Box has granted upon us.


      2. Never did we desire to lay undevotion upon you!
        We are absolutely in awe hearing that the MFB is of your liking! Please approach us so that we can not only feast upon the givings of The Box, but your experiences, too, oh mighty beast, you!


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