Polar Bread with salmon


There was not as much Salmon as expected. The extra-small pieces of paprika made us a bit sad. The Lack of salad is a no-go if you compare this with regular MC burgers – they have more. The sweet taste of mayo made us forget the lack of actual ingredients in the sandwich for a moment – but memory does not lie…



If you are hungry and you like salmon – you will probably enjoy just the fact that you are eating a healthier bread with salmon. Mayo makes it a bit easier to like this sandwich. We cannot tell you that the star of the dish was the salmon – the % of bread against everything else was too big. In addition, the bread dried out in less than an hour and did not taste that good either. The mayo was no savior here. One of our testers hates paprika, but he did not notice the taste of paprika when tasting, so that says something…


The only thing that could be smelled was bread and maybe mayo.

MONEY 2/5 paypaldonatenow (make sure to donate for more reviews)

Price: 2,- EUR. As for spending money on lack of salmon, paprika and salad – well it depends. Salmon is a high class ingredient and it is a bit too expensive in Latvia – was it money well spent? Well we will say – why not? It did make us happy and feel like there is something in our guts while waiting for the dinner time.


We were able to taste the salmon and that is what this bread was made for – to get that taste for you. If you have no choice – eat it, if you do have other options – choose those! Be aware that salmon does not stay fresh for a long time!


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